What is NeuroQuant®?

NeuroQuant® is a breakthrough medical device that can make quantitative MRI measurement a routine part of clinical practice. It brings sophisticated, accurate, and fully automated MRI post-processing capabilities to the physician's desktop.

This software provides neurologists, radiologists, and clinical researchers with a convenient and cost-effective means to quantify the volume of the hippocampus and other structures.

NeuroQuant® takes high-resolution 3D T1-weighted, sagittal, non-contrast-enhanced MRI scan from disk or auto-routed from a scanner or a PACS server as input and in a few minutes, with no user intervention, returns a new full-volume spatially corrected and anatomically labeled dataset along with two printable patient reports containing the absolute and relative volumes of the hippocampus, temporal horn, and other structures in DICOM compliant format.

NeuroQuant® Output:

Age-Related Atrophy Report contains the absolute and relative volumes of the hippocampus and inferior lateral ventricles, structures that typically show significant atrophy in dementia patients. The resulting values are automatically compared to age-appropriate reference distributions. The interpreting physician can select representative slices and add a comment in the provided text box to be included in the report.

General Morphometry Report provides the absolute and relative volumes for the right- and left-side of the following brain structures: Forebrain Parenchyma, Cortical Gray Matter, Lateral Ventricle, Inferior Lateral Ventricle, Hippocampus, Amygdala, Caudate, Putamen, Pallidum, Thalamus and Cerebellum. It also provides an Asymmetry Index (defined as the difference between left and right volumes divided by their mean).

  • Both reports can also be viewed in a web-browser and printed or emailed as PDF files.

  • Color-coded brain segmentation is provided as a separate 3D MR series for closer inspection on a PACS or other DICOM viewer.

  • Coronal Loop icon opens up a 'movie' of the color-coded segmented brain that can be viewed in QuickTime or Windows Media Player.


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